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LEANFA designs and manufactures state-of-the-art Solid-State OEM Microwave and Radiofrequency Generators and Power Amplifiers, in particular for Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications.

The characteristics of our innovative generators are:
   - total and highly accurate parametric control;
   - modular and scalable architectures;
   - single low-voltage DC supply, no need of high-voltage power supply stages;
   - 15+ years life cycle;
   - full flexibility for configuration into batch and continuous-flow processes;
   - capability to measure in real-time the reflected power that allows 100% self-regulating workflows.

Thanks to an advanced distributed intelligence approach, our products embody a unique hardware-software combination that represent a modern digitally-managed tool for high-frequency processing.
Our innovative technology has already been adopted by several Research Groups, Universities and manufacturing Companies worldwide, covering different innovative targets, with special focus on solid-state cooking, high-end medical applications, scientific laboratory experimentation, sintering of nanostructures and extraction of bioactive compounds from fresh fruit and vegetables.

A highly skilled team with international experience, official quality certifications and a continuous know-how improvement approach makes LEANFA the ideal technological partner you were looking for.



Shaping Energy Waves
Via Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 6
70037 Ruvo di Puglia (BARI)
Tel: +39 0804042874
Part.Iva / VAT 07638540729
Cap. Soc. € 30.000 I.V.
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